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Testimonial from Dave Moffatt

Dave writes, “The post below is one I shared back in September of 2016. At that time my hypoglycemia symptoms were about 90% eliminated by drinking the Valentus coffee. I thought it was important to provide an UPDATE now as I’ve changed it up a little and been drinking the brand new Valentus Italian Roast coffee, the new Prevail Max and the Immune drink consistently for the last month and I am now 100% symptom free of hypoglycemia. For those of you that suffer from blood sugar related problems these products can potentially CHANGE YOUR LIFE !

Remember; I saw doctors and specialists and followed their bullshit protocols religiously and got zero results…this is the only thing that has ever worked !!! The fatigue, dizziness, blurred vision is COMPLETELY GONE !

It totally blows me away that most doctors are completely clueless when it comes to 100% natural products with absolutely zero side affects…would you rather take a synthetic drug that could potentially cause you greater harm than the ailment you are trying to cure. That just seems strange to me.


Fifteen years ago I was diagnosed with Hypoglycemia.

This is a condition where your blood sugar levels can drop dangerously low causing extreme fatigue, dizziness, blurred vision and often it is a pre-cursor to diabetes. I’ve been to doctors that have wanted to medicate me with crap that has side affects worse than the condition itself. I’ve tried to stabilize it with proper diet and exercise and have had very limited success over the years. And then along comes this product named Valentus…a freakin multi-level marketing company that I never would have given a second look at if it wouldn’t have been for the insistence of my awesome wife Brenda.

Anyone that knows me would know that I’m pretty much the last guy on earth that would ever get involved with an MLM.

I can’t tell you exactly why but after 7 months of drinking the Valentus Slimroast coffee my symptoms of Hypoglycemia are about 90% GONE ! I feel like a fog has been lifted and my energy levels are through the roof.

I can’t say enough about these products and what they’ve done for me and I’m soooo glad I decided to get my head out of my ass and listen to people that have my best interests in mind. So here I am…a multi-level marketing guy singing the praises of this product from the rooftops to anyone that’ll listen 🙂

It “really” is something you should consider…we’ve helped so many people with so many ailments in such a short period of time.

So get out of your comfort zone and ask me for help.